Friday, February 1, 2013

Meet our Franchisee: Jeff Cercy

Name: Jeff Cercy
Territory: Chicago

Before purchasing the Workout Anytime territory in Chicago, Jeff Cercy spent 21 years (active and reserve) in the military with the marines and army special forces including a tour in Afghanistan shortly after 9-11. In addition to his leadership experience in the military, Jeff has an MBA from the University of Phoenix. He was previously a franchisee for Sports Clips and LA Boxing in Colorado. His Sports Clips was the first in Colorado and was a top location for the company. He also won a Franchisee of the Year award  his first year of operation with LA Boxing. Jeff has also been involved with pharmaceutical sales in a Fortune 100 company for the past 25 years.

How did you learn about the brand?
I was looking for a new opportunity. After I sold my LA Boxing franchise I bought back into their company because I’m passionate about the fitness industry. I wanted to open an LA boxing in Chicago but it would have been difficult with my current job. Did some research on other opportunities and was very intrigued with the model’s simplicity and the growth potential, I thought it would be a good fit.

Why did you choose an opportunity with Workout Anytime?
I felt the direction of the company was right for me. With my previous career in franchising I enjoy going into a new market and building a brand. Besides that, I see great value in Workout Anytime and the potential for growth in this market and across the country.

Are you involved with any charities or do any community outreach with your business?
I do some work for the Wounded Warriors program and I’d like to do more through my business once things get off the ground.

What challenges have you overcome to get where you are now?
The challenges have a lot to do with timing in life being right to start something like this and all the experiences gained up to know that will make this even more successful.

What are your expansion or development plans? What is your end goal with Workout Anytime?
I would love to help get a number of people to be really successful new franchise owners and establish the Workout Anytime brand across IL. For now, making our first location a hub for growth is the start.

Do you have any other interesting hobbies or passions?
If it is fast, physical or outdoors and has some risk/adventure involved……I am there.

ABOUT WORKOUT ANYTIME: Atlanta-based Workout Anytime is a 24-hour, seven-day-a-week fitness concept with 36 units in the Southeastern U.S. Founded by fitness veterans John Quattrocchi and Steve Strickland, the company was formed to provide members with first-class fitness facilities at the lowest cost possible, while delivering a profitable and affordable business model to franchisees. Built on the founders’ motto of, “think big, keep it simple and do it with integrity,” Workout Anytime is preparing for significant expansion into new territories by providing opportunities to business-minded entrepreneurs. For further information about franchise opportunities, visit its website.

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